Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada 2023 (Apply Now)


Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada: The largest industry in Canada is agriculture, and there are plenty of jobs in high demand. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a Visa sponsorship Agriculture Job in Canada, apply for Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada With Canadian Government Sponsorship of Visa. 

Fruit picking, fruit packing, farm work, general farm work, crop picking, vegetable picking, blueberry picking, apple picking, and all other farming jobs are included in the agriculture sector in Canada.

The most well-known and in-demand jobs in Canada are in the agricultural sector, which has a high visa ratio and a desire for foreign labour. 

Support for relocation and visa applications will be offered. The fact that this industry doesn’t demand a high level of education is a plus.

In Canada, farming is a rewarding and lucrative profession. You will be able to find employment in your field because it is in high demand.

Earnings of up to $29,256 per year, or $15 to $20 per hour, are acceptable—paid transportation, including lodging. You can choose from all of these options and a lot more. 

The Canadian government revealed that there are 1 million open positions across all industries in Canada, with 269,000 of those positions in agriculture. Below is the List of Agriculture Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship 2023 if you’re interested in learning more.

Visa sponsorship for Agriculture Jobs in Canada: Details

  • Employer: it is a Visa sponsorship for Agriculture Jobs in Canada, which makes Canada the employer.
  • Industry: Agriculture 
  • Job Type: Farm Worker, Fruit Picker, General Farm Worker, Crops, Vegetable Picker, Apple Picker, Blueberry Picker, etc. 
  • Experience Necessary: No Prior Knowledge Needed: 
  • No maximum age
  • Visa sponsored 
  • Support for Relocation: Yes 
  • Salary: for Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada, you earn between $15 to $20 per hour.

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Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada: List of jobs 

Job for Farm Worker in Canada 

  • Fill out an application for the 2023 Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada. It is one of the most straightforward and most in-demand jobs.
  • Second, farmworkers are not needed to have a formal education, and There is no age limit. 
  • As a general farm worker in Canada, you will be expected to plant, produce, and harvest crops, rear livestock and poultry, and maintain and repair farm buildings and equipment. 

Visa sponsorship Agriculture Jobs in Canada: Jobs duties 

The following tasks will be entrusted to farm workers: 

  • Plant, weed, spray, irrigate, cultivate, and harvest crops. 
  • Feed and take care of animals and birds 
  • Milk cows 
  • fruit tree pruner 
  • fruit gatherers 
  • packers of fruit 
  • workers on fruit farms

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada 

There is no easier or better job in Canada than this. Jobs As A Fruit Picker In Canada With Sponsorship. The name “Fruit Picker” makes clear what it means. It is your responsibility to gather produce from farms and orchards. 

It is comparable to choosing fruits, vegetables, and other similar items from farms. The packing process will then begin after they are all gathered together. In Canada, there is a significant labour shortage for fruit-picking jobs. 

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Fruit Picking Jobs Available 

  • Apples 
  • Grapes
  • Plums
  • Peaches
  • Prunes
  • Cherries 
  • Strawberries 
  • as well as raspberries. 
  • Accommodations are available. 
  • Support for relocation, such as airfare 
  • if necessary, the first three months of medical insurance. 
  • Sponsorship for a visa 

Dairy Former Jobs in Canada 

A dairy farmer is in charge of caring for cows, milking them, and making dairy goods like cheese and yoghurt. 

They must be well-versed in agronomy and crop management, as well as in the breeds and methods of production used with dairy cattle. 

The average yearly pay for dairy producers is $76,000. 

Visit Here for further information. 


Horticulture jobs in Canada,

Horticulture is responsible for taking care of and preserving the vegetation in parks, gardens, and other public areas. 

They must have training dealing with plants in a garden setting and a degree in horticulture or a closely connected discipline. 

They must also be able to work autonomously and manage a wide range of planting-related chores. Horticulturists make an average of $35,000 a year. 

General Farm Workers and Agriculture Jobs

There are currently 1793 openings in this industry. In Canada, this industry is the most in demand. 

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Essential details concerning agricultural employment in Canada.

  • The agricultural industry is expanding quickly, with a forecast rise of up to 14% over the following five years. 
  • In Canada, there are currently more than 100,000 agricultural occupations. 
  • Agriculture employees make $25 per hour on average. 

P&H Farming Company Jobs in Canada

A pioneer in the agricultural sector is a Canadian family-owned company called Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H). 

They employ more than 1,500 people. According to the Government of Canada, 2.1 million people are used in the country’s massive agriculture business. 

Join P&H Farming Jobs and choose the Yes, You Need Visa Sponsorship to Work in Canada prompt when submitting your application. 

Numerous fields have hundreds of available positions. They are constantly seeking employees. 

How to Submit a P&H Farming Job Application in Canada: 

Aramark Food in Canada 

Wherever people work, learn, recuperate, and play, Aramark is in the customer service business for meals, facilities, and uniforms. It currently employs 270,000 people. 

They don’t discriminate against people based on age, race, colour, religion, or national origin. Candidates from abroad may apply for Aramark jobs. 

For more details: Click Here

Conclusion: .How to Get a Job as a Farm Worker in Canada 

In Canada, there are numerous methods to find a job in agriculture. The links mentioned above will take you to Canada’s Agriculture Jobs. You can also use Google and LinkedIn to look for jobs in Canada that sponsor your visa. you can as well check for other visa sponsored jobs such as in hotels, home care and more.



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