Vacancies at Dangote Company in Abeokuta

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Vacancies exist at Abeokuta There are vacancies exist in a company major distributor of Dangote, Honeywell, Mama gold products. The company product are Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cement, Pasta, Indome, baking powder and vegetables oil, there are also into marketing of oil and gas product in for the following position below.

  1. Chartered Accountant with experience (HND, Bsc ACA)
  2. Auditor with experience (HND , Bsc)
  3. Sales Manager with experience (HND, Bsc)

4.Cashiers, (ND, HND)

  1. Storekeepers, (ND, HND)

6 Petrol sales attendance

Interested person can send CV to :

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