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University Research Scholarships at the Australian National University 2022/2023


If you have dreams to pursue a PhD, Master’s degree or any other postgraduate degree at the Australian National University, then, University Research Scholarships can help keep those dreams alive.

The Australian National University offers a variety of scholarships for PhD, Professional Doctorate, and Master of Science by Research programs. The university also manages a number of scholarships that are supported by the Australian government and other external sources. And the ultimate goal of these scholarships is to attract research degree candidates who have demonstrated research abilities and are .

Individual Australian National University (ANU) Colleges provide a variety of graduate research awards. Before submitting an application, you should make contact with the relevant ANU College or a potential supervisor to discuss the suggested research topic and opportunities.

Each year the Australian National University presents the University Research Scholarships to help high-performing HDR students who are performing research that aligns with the strategic surveillance of the University. 

The scholarship is provided by the Australian National University. The Australian National University (ANU) is a public research university situated in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Its core campus in Acton includes seven teaching and research colleges, in addition to several national academies and institutes.

ANU is considered one of the world’s foremost universities and is rated as the number one university in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere by the 2022 QS World University Rankings and second in Australia in the Times Higher Education rankings. Likened to other universities in the world, it is rated 27th by the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and equivalent to 54th by the 2022 Times Higher Education.

ANU’s Central Scholarships Rounds

Each year, ANU hosts two major scholarship application rounds. The Australian Government Research Training Program and University Research Scholarships are examples of central scholarships. If you applied for admission to an HDR program before the deadlines below and indicated that you are interested in a scholarship, you will be automatically considered for the next scholarship cycle.

Current HDR candidates who wish to be considered for a subsequent scholarship round should fill out the ‘Request for a current ANU student to be considered for an HDR Scholarship form’.

Scholarship round Admission application closing date Scholarship commencement date
2022 Round 1 International Closing 31 August 2021 1 Jan 2022 –  31 March 2022
2022 Round 1 Domestic Closing 31 October 2021 1 Jan 2022 – 31 March 2022
2022 Round 2 International and Domestic Closing 15 April 2022 Up to 31 August 2022



Benefits of The University Research Scholarships

In complement to the fortnightly earnings, the scholarship also provides:

  • Travel and Removal allowances for students migrating to Canberra to start their research program;
  • Thesis allowance;
  • Dependant Child allowance (International students only);
  • Paid medical, maternity, and parental leave

Eligibility for the University Research Scholarships

The prize will be available each year to a future or resuming student who:

  • is a domestic student or an international student registered in an accredited HDR course of study at the University
  • has completed a minimum of H1 or H1 equal in their previous studies

Applicants for research degree scholarships must have a bachelor’s degree with at least upper second class honours (although competition is so fierce that some scholarships require a first class honours degree), or a Master’s degree by coursework or a Graduate Diploma (which must be completed at a level equivalent to first or upper second-class honours) from a recognized university.

Other qualifications and/or research experience may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Some scholarships are open to applicants who are both Australian citizens/permanent residents or New Zealand citizens and foreign nationals, while others are only open to one or the other.

How to Apply for the University Research Scholarships

How to Implement
When you apply for admission, you must also fill out a research scholarship application.

Applications for the Research Program can be submitted at any time of year, however scholarship applications have deadlines, and most awards must be taken up within a particular time frame. The ANU postgraduate research application information webpage has more information on the application procedure.

Award terms and conditions

The terms under which a scholarship is formed and accepted are known as the grant conditions. The award terms specify the scholarship’s duration and eligibility, as well as a scholar’s right to depart and payment.

Year to year, conditions may alter. The criteria that a scholar signs and accepts in the year that they begin their scholarship bind them.

Acceptance and Notification

Successful applicants will receive research scholarship offers through email.

An email will be sent to the email address you provided when applying for admission if you have not yet started. An email will be sent to your ANU student email account for continuing students.

Scholarship offers are typically due two weeks after they are made; nevertheless, you should double-check the date on your letter of offer.



Some scholarships can be renewed for another six months. Please review the terms and conditions of your scholarship to see if you are eligible for an extension. Please note that extensions can only be given in the case of research-related situations beyond the scholar’s control, not for personal reasons.

You can apply for a scholarship extension through ISIS using the Manage My Degree eForm. Before the extension may be finalized, the Chair of your supervisory panel, the Head of Department, and the Delegated Authority must all approve it.

Stipend Payments

Scholarship (stipend) payments are made in fortnightly installments into the bank account you specify.

Use the Bank Account and Financial Distribution Details form to specify which bank account you want payments sent to.

When unpaid leave requests are not received by the relevant Human Resources (HR) pay period cut-off date, scholarship overpayments may arise.

If a scholarship overpayment occurs as a result of a leave of absence request, the HR Division will notify you in writing. Overpaid sums must be repaid in accordance with University requirements. Candidates who owe the university money will not be able to submit their theses for examination or graduate.

The application deadline for this scholarship is August 1, 2022.

Now that you know all the information that there is about the University Research Scholarships at the Australian National University, why don’t you just get on with that application and get it over it?


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