How To Apply For Paid IMF Internship In USA 2022

IMF Internship In USA 2022. The IMF in the United is glad to announce the opening of the application portal of its 2022 Internship program. This Internship is open to all interested applicants from around the world. Through this Internship, interns will acquire practical experience and useful skills, and they’ll be provided with employment opportunities in the their various chosen fields. If you’re enrolled in Master’s and Doctoral programs in economic, legal, and related disciplines, you’re qualified to apply for the IMF Internship program.

This fully-funded Internship in the USA aims to enrich your careers and you gain valuable work experience while improving your professional skills in a diverse environment throughout the program. Also, the IMF Internship program aims to promote the expression of fresh ideas and the preparation of the best possible interpretations through efficient learning and a stable global economy. This is a great opportunity for the applicants who are desirous of working in international organizations or wish. to explore both policy and operational work. Interns will also have the opportunity to build cutting-edge skills and expanding their research experience.

The IMF offers summer internships in the USA absolves around 50 students and are assigned to the IMF’s headquarters in Washington, DC. The selected applicants will have the opportunity to work under the guidance and supervision of highly-qualified supervisors and colleagues on the most talked about global challenges. The results of interns’ works are likely to be presented to IMF staff members at the end of the internship program. A large number of interns have had their work published by the International Monetary Fund.

IMF Internship for 2022 Summary:
• Internship Country: United States
• Internship organization: International Monetary Fund
• Internship Location: IMF headquarters in Washington, D.C.
• Type of Internship: Fully-funded
• Internship Duration: 10 to 12 weeks.
• Application Closes: Not Specified

Benefits of IMF Internship
• The Internship program is fully-funded
• The interns for this Internship program will receive a competitive salary
• The interns will be offered Airfare tickets
• The interns are provided with a comprehensive medical insurance

IMF Internship Eligibility Criteria
• Interested applicants must have strong analytical skills
• Interested applicants must have an excellent command of the English language in written and spoken
• For you to work at the IMF, if you’re not US citizens or residents, you must obtain a G4 visa
• Interested candidates with F-1 visas must provide a valid work authorization, similar to CPT

° For PhD students:
• Interested applicants must be currently enrolled as students, who should be willing to continue his studies after the completion of the Internship program
• Interested applicants must be below 32 years of age as at the time of starting the internship program

° For Master’s students:
• Interested applicants must be registered as active students, willing to continue to pursue their education after the completion of the Internship program
• Interested applicants must not be above 28 years of age as at the time they begin their Internship program.


° For Legal Department Internship:
• Interested applicants must be in their first or second year of LLM, J.D, or an equivalent law degree
• Interested applicants must have not be above 32 years of age as at the time of the internship.

° For Economic Internship:
• Interested applicants must hold previous studies in monetary, economics, public finance, financial markets, and other related areas

Application Procedure for IMF Internship Program
• All applicants must apply through the official website of the IMF
• All applicants are required to choose their preferred fields
• All applicants need to provide supporting documentation if required
• All applicants will fill out the application form and submit it

Application Link:

All interns for this Internship program will be provided with a medical insurance. Aside this, all the expenses that have to do with this Internship program are carried by the International Monetary Fund.

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