How to Apply for Maynooth University Sport Scholarships, Ireland

Maynooth University invests its interest in the evolution and growth of sports. Recently, over 160 sports scholarships were offered to the International students who showed interest in it by the University of Maynooth. Both male and female aspirants who submitted applications benefited from these Maynooth University scholarships.

Benefits of Maynooth university Sport Scholarships:
• These scholarships cover the students’ sports and college-related expenses like sports equipments, travel expenses and many others.
• Students will be granted discounted on-campus housing for the first year. Though, it will be based on the normal fees.
• Students will be offered fitness training and expert coaching.
• Students will participate in workshops on sports psychology and time management.
• Students will be offered advice on health and nutrition.
• There will be performance evaluation for students.
• Students will have access to a cardio workout suite and a fee free weights gym

Eligibility Criteria of Scholarship
Aspirants who have achieved, or have the capacity to execute, achieve an excellent performance while competing at any of the following:
• International
• National
• Inter-provincial
• Inter-county

The Leaving Certificate Aspirants:
• It is important to meet the usual matriculation/minimum admission requirements including any specific course criteria.
• Get up to 60 CAO points to close any points gap for admission to chosen level 8 degree.
• The aspirants for sport scholarships should have nothing less than 300 points in their top six Leaving Certificate courses

QQI Aspirants:

A full award (8 modules) and 5 distinctions in a combined award is the minimum required. A grade in the Leaving Certificate, GC(S)E, or other school leaving exams, or a distinction in the mathematical or statistics module in the QQI award, can equate the maths requirement for specified degrees.

Postgraduate studies Application:
• The applications will be accepted on an individual basis.


Criteria for Renewal?

These scholarships are renewed on a yearly basis if some requirements are met. The students should:
• Keep a commendable level of academic record.
• Keep a strong track record of athletic exploits.
• Partake in the applicable sports club at the University.
• Keep being in good standing with the University.
• Go to schools or attend Open Days to discuss about athletic talent and possibilities at the University.

This scholarship is open to all the aspirants who meet the eligibility requirements and it’s absolutely awarded based on merit.

Maynooth University

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