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If you are looking for a job that comes with a lot of exposure and allows you to connect with great minds from all over the world, then apply for Google jobs. Working for this technology giant can be a life-changing experience for you and trust me when I say it is a chance you don’t want to miss.

You probably know all about Google (who doesn’t?). You can’t be familiar with the world wide web in today’s world and not know Google. So, what if you can be a part of what Google is doing by joining them today? And it doesn’t matter where you live, because Google has over 70 offices in over 50 countries.

This opportunity is also open to students, overseas applicants, new graduates, and experienced candidates in different facets of the tech world. You can also work full-time, part-time, temporarily or as an intern. But it even gets better! There is the option of working remotely from the comfort of your home and applying for Google jobs is easy as you only need to submit your application through the dedicated Google career page.

Applicants can apply from all over the world and there is no discrimination due to Google’s equal opportunity workplace and affirmative action policy.

Some open Google career positions

1. USA Technical Program Manager, Product Development and Test Engineering

Location: Google In-office: Mountain View, California,

Qualifications/Minimum requirements:

  • the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in practical experience
  • 5 years of program management expertise
  • eFuse/one-time programmable security implementation/management expertise
  • having knowledge of the silicon product lifecycle from conception to productization

Preferred credentials:

  • Ph.D. or Master’s in Electrical Engineering
  • Working knowledge of operations, supply chains, and semiconductor manufacturers, as well as programming experience in languages like Python, Go, and C++
  • Knowledge in product and test engineering for mobile SoCs, including experience managing silicons from idea to product launch
  • Excellent facilitation and communication abilities

About the job

To support the creation of intricate, high-performance, and feature-focused SoC projects and facilitate New Product Introduction, you will leverage your technical program management knowledge (NPI). As a member of the Product and Test Engineering team, you will plan programs early in the conceptual stage to include design for debugging and design-for-test (DFT), and manage the execution starting with pre-silicon DFT, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), characterization, yield improvement, high volume manufacturing solution, system-level tests, and sustainment.

Throughout the SoC product development process, you will cooperate with cross-functional teams, our semiconductor manufacturing partners, and teams from hardware platforms, software, and operations to create high-impact product releases.
The goal of Google is to assemble all knowledge and make it widely useful and accessible. The best Google AI, software, and hardware are combined by our Devices & Services team to drastically improve user experiences. We conduct research, design, and development work on new hardware and software to enhance the speed, efficiency, and power of our users’ computer interactions.

The Devices & Services team is using technology to improve people’s lives, whether it’s through developing form factors, discovering new ways to capture and feel the environment around us, or enhancing interaction techniques.


Make sophisticated bespoke silicon for hardware items by organizing and delivering it.
By producing work lists, metrics, dashboards, and checklists, the product and test engineering group may be led to design and manage effective milestones and data-driven project schedules. Follow developments over the course of the product lifecycle, evaluate change, and proactively identify risks and their mitigation.
One-time programmable (OTP) configurations and releases for SoC eFuses must be owned, driven, coordinated, and maintained across cross-functional teams.
Driving cross-functional teams such as architecture, design development, silicon validation, hardware, software, operations, and manufacturing partners in technical, schedule, and financial tradeoff talks To guarantee that vendors’ output complies with engineering requirements, manage them and influence change.
To keep executives, stakeholders, and peers informed about program health and change, deliver excellent communications.

2. Partner Sales Manager, Google Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses

Location: Google In-office: Singapore

Google will give preference to candidates who already have the legal right to work in Singapore and do not need Google to sponsor their visa.

Qualifications/Minimum requirements:

  • either a bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience
  • 5 years of sales, partner, or channel manager experience.
  • knowledge of the ecosystems and business models of service providers and cloud-based technologies.
  • Fluency in Mandarin and English required to promote new products, campaign outcomes, and performance to clients and agencies.

Preferred credentials:

  • experience managing partners, selling SaaS or cloud IT infrastructure, or having technical knowledge
  • experience working with telcos, online partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs) or service providers (SPs), and other partners in the ecosystem of cloud partners.
  • leadership abilities that have been proven to promote partner growth and enhance team culture.
  • The capacity to function inside and across a cross-functional organization
  • outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills; able to convert analysis into workable ideas.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, as well as presentation experience with audiences of all ability levels.

Regarding the job

Teams from Google Cloud collaborate with businesses, organizations, and governmental bodies to increase their productivity, mobility, and collaboration. By monitoring partner business performance, determining ways to increase partner and Google returns, offering ideas to and spotting possibilities within partners, and working across Google teams to deliver, you will lead Google Cloud business connections on this team. You will inform our partners about the capabilities of Google Cloud and equip them with the tools they need to successfully bring new ideas to our clients.

As a member of an entrepreneurial team at this quickly expanding company, you will use technology to engage with clients, partners, and employees while also helping to influence the future of companies of all sizes.

To build new areas of collaboration, growth initiatives, and new lines of business, you will mix partner management with business development in this capacity and manage commercial connections with key partners and prospects. Working cooperatively with our partner team, direct sales teams, and our wide partner network, you will fulfill revenue obligations for G Suite and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in your role as a partner sales manager. To help (Small/Medium Business) SMB-focused partners grow their Google Cloud businesses through training, enablement, and sales and marketing initiatives.

With the best infrastructure, platform, market-leading solutions, and knowledge, Google Cloud accelerates businesses’ capacity to digitally change their operations. We provide enterprise-grade solutions on the cleanest cloud in the business, utilizing Google’s cutting-edge technologies. Google Cloud is a trusted partner for customers in more than 200 countries and territories that want to support growth and address their most pressing business issues.


  • fulfill revenue promises to partners for G Suite and GCP. Create and implement SMB growth strategies for partners in the designated territory, building on an annual plan with synchronized objectives, resources, and capacities.
  • Promote the creation, advancement, and closure of funnels among the partner ecosystem. Work with the partner to close deals with customers directly if needed.
  • Establish trusting connections with important partner reps and C-level executives.
  • Manage the business performance of your partners and create plans to achieve your market objectives.
  • Determine problems and opportunities, run tests, conduct analyses, and carry out new sales activities.
  • Report on development frequently.
  • Use company evaluations every three months to gauge overall development, and regular interaction to spur daily growth.

3. Engineer for Process Integration at Google AR Devices

Location: Google, Remotely qualified

Note that remote positions are part of Google’s hybrid workplace.

California, USA is a remote area.

Qualifications/Minimum requirements:

  • a master’s degree in physics, computer engineering, electrical engineering, or a related subject, or
  • equivalent work experience
  • 8 years of new technology work experience, or 5 years of experience and a graduate degree
  • 3 years of technical leadership experience
  • experience integrating the AR light engine with the WG

Preferred credentials:

  • PhD with postdoctoral research or three years of manufacturing-related industrial experience in semiconductors or nanotechnology
  • having experience in a production environment modifying old processes with new physical building pieces
  • experience with nano-fabrication methods for semiconductor, photonic, or memory applications, such as nano-imprint lithography, etch, deposition, and wets
  • experience with regular industrial risk assessments and organized problem-solving
  • fabrication and testing expertise with diffractive optical components
  • knowledge of data analysis programs such as Python and JMP.

Regarding the job

Due to the size, complexity, and uniqueness of our computing difficulties, we are unable to use commercially available hardware and must instead create it. The hardware, software, and networking technologies that power all of Google’s services are designed and constructed by your team.

The systems at the center of the largest and most potent computing infrastructure in the world are designed and constructed by hardware engineers. You progress from the earliest stages of circuit design through the design of huge systems, and you follow such systems all the way to high volume manufacturing. Your work has the potential to influence the technology used in our state-of-the-art data centers, which will impact millions of Google users.

You lead projects in various engineering domains or systems, such as construction and equipment installation/troubleshooting/debugging with vendors, within a data center facility using your technical skills.

You will build front end production processes as a Process Integration Engineer to enable the validation of optical architectures targeted at present and future display systems.
You will be in charge of a group of processes’ efficiency and advancements in this position. Processes will be outlined, deviations will be examined, and corrective action will be taken. Additionally, you’ll seize possibilities for improvement to raise quality, yield, dependability, cost, and cycle time to a benchmark level.

The goal of Google is to assemble all knowledge and make it widely useful and accessible. The best Google AI, software, and hardware are combined by our Devices & Services team to drastically improve user experiences. We conduct research, design, and development work on new hardware and software to enhance the speed, efficiency, and power of our users’ computer interactions. The Devices & Services team is using technology to improve people’s lives, whether it’s through developing form factors, discovering new ways to capture and feel the environment around us, or enhancing interaction techniques.

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  • Gather input specifications, then compare them to the capability of the process blocks.
  • Prior to launching the process to production, work with cross-functional teams to integrate future concepts into the manufacturing line.
  • Set the objectives for upcoming technology advancements that will support the roadmap for the AR waveguide initiative. Ensure the cooperation and resources required to enable these advancements.
  • Engage NTI/NPI teams to help the development and launch of new growth projects. Assemble rolling build data, including process, test, reliability, and yield, in collaboration with development engineers to ensure fabricatable designs.
  • Find fresh chances for integrating and enhancing the fabrication process, and seize them. Collaborate across departments to develop performance targets using process and functional metrology indicators.

Who can apply for Google jobs

Any one at any educational level can apply for Google jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-year student, associate, bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, MBA student, or are seeking a degree, there is always something for everyone.

But are there any benefits to Google jobs apart from the remuneration?

What you stand to gain  when you apply for Google jobs

1. Medical Benefits
Google provides health insurance to its employees. For themselves, their wives, and any dependents they may have, Google employees have the opportunity to create individualized comprehensive medical coverage.


‍Basic vision and dental care are already included with Google health insurance. This indicates that employees do not require coverage beyond that provided by the employer.

Hospitalization for any reason is covered by an annual $1,000 deductible. Regardless of your employment status—contractor, temporary worker, full- or part-time—you will have access to comprehensive healthcare.

‍The icing on the cake is that Google provides on-site medical personnel for employees who work on campus. So, if an employee is sick, they can just make an appointment.

2. Work-Life Harmony
To assist staff in striking a healthy work-life balance, Google provides a range of learning, social, and development initiatives.

‍Employees can, for instance, use 20% of their time to pursue other interests or concentrate on tasks that are important to them.‍

Additionally, employees are eligible for up to $12,000 in annual tuition assistance, and the Education Assistance program can assist with the cost of any educational endeavor, including taking a language or computer programming classes.

‍Additionally, Google frequently hosts eminent experts for conferences, presentations, and seminars. A wide variety of speakers who are sponsored by the corporation educate and inspire Google employees.

‍There are more advantages for a healthy work/life balance available to Google employees. Additionally, Google employees are permitted to take up to three months off work to engage in extracurricular activities.

‍Google does permit for up to three months of continuous healthcare insurance, even if this time is unpaid and must be dedicated to particular tasks to qualify. Many workers decide to use this perk by giving their time to a charitable organization, political cause, or community.

3. Parental Leave 
People are legally entitled to time off when they give birth to a kid, adopt a child, or foster a child. Google ensures that both parents receive time off at home before going back to work.

‍Google offers moms an 18-week parental leave and gives husbands a 6-week break. For comparison, Twitter offers up to 20 weeks of paid time off to new parents.

This benefit may be available to both parents and children in some workplaces. There are top-notch daycare facilities on campus with personalized lesson programs for the kids.

4. Paid Holidays
Paid time off (PTO) is generally available to salaried employees, albeit it is typically only available for sick and vacation days. Google offers a lot more benefits to its staff members, such bereavement leave.

‍PTO includes all paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation time.

The amount of paid time off (PTO) a worker is entitled to will vary depending on their position, the number of hours they put in each week, and how long they’ve worked for the company.

5. Benefits of Finance and Retirement
Google offers financial incentives to enhance the financial security of its employees, such as a 401(k) matching scheme.

‍Up to $3,000 in contributions and $8,250 in total, the employer will match employee 401(k) contributions dollar for dollar.

When an employee decides to leave the company, they can withdraw or roll over their contributions and matching contributions to keep them. However, there is a 10% penalty in addition to taxes.

‍As part of its remuneration package for employees, the corporation also provides Google Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and stock options.

6. Adaptability
Google employs a hybrid work paradigm that allows employees to work from home two days per week (in the majority of roles). Additionally, the business provides four “work from anywhere” weeks each year.

‍This kind of adaptability is essential and getting more and more so. People are given a little more autonomy over their schedule, regular work, and administrative duties.

Food and snacks 7. Related: Seven Facebook Perks That Employees Love
One of Google’s most well-known benefits is the free lunches served on the company’s office campuses. Google employees are provided with free meals at the many cafes, restaurants, and fully equipped micro kitchens located on the Google Office Campuses.

‍Rarely are Google employees more than 200 feet away from a meal. Additionally, they can choose out food to preserve for later. If free food isn’t enough, staff members can take advantage of free culinary classes to learn how to make delectable meals.

‍The objective of Google is to bring together various divisions and encourage employee interaction.

8. Recreational Centers
It’s not surprising that one of the most popular benefits for Google employees is access to fitness centers given the company’s emphasis on its employees’ health and wellness.

‍Nearly all of the company’s offices have fitness centers. These gyms offer a range of activities, such as swimming pools, fitness equipment, and classes. For locations without on-site fitness centers, Google covers its staff members’ gym dues.

‍This is a fantastic method to keep teams motivated because exercise has been shown to reduce stress. Employees can exercise whenever it is most convenient for them and their schedules, which is another benefit.

‍9. Mental Health
Google is concerned with its employees’ mental health. It offers mental health-focused employee help initiatives.

‍Additionally, it gives employees access to mental health apps to support them if they are having mental health issues.

‍Resources like this demonstrate the company’s concern for its employees and want to assist them in every manner possible. Given that mental health awareness is becoming more and more important in today’s society, this program will also appear wonderful to potential employees.

10. Onsite Amenities & Services
The purpose of Google’s perks and bonuses is to improve and simplify the lives of everyone on the team. As a result, the business also provides a variety of onsite services.

‍One such is the business’s on-site laundromats, where staff members can do their laundry without having to wait until after work to do it at home.

‍To spare them a trip to the hairdresser, Google also provides free haircuts to its staff!

11. Additional Rewards
Employees at Google are recognized for their hard work with massage credits under the company’s own gold star system. In the spirit of generosity, workers can also give their massage credits to their coworkers.

‍The merit-based structure and incentives for Googlers, such as free food, entertainment, and services, foster a positive work atmosphere. It motivates staff to arrive at work each day excited and motivated.


Working at Google can be a career-defining endeavor for you and the good thing is that you can apply whether you are an undergraduate, student, overseas applicant, fresh graduate, or experienced candidate in any part of the world.

Also, you can work remotely, on-site or in an hybrid setting, so there is no limit to how far you can go in your google career. So, what are you waiting for?


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